1. REQUEST : Complete our online request form with as many information possible or just send us an email.

2. WE CONTACT YOU: Our sales team contact you with some suggestions and recommendations or we send you some all the photos and information we have for the specific property.

3. MEETING: We get you in touch with the owners / developers of the specific property.

4. INSPECTION: You visit the city / location were the property is located.

5. COMPLETION: We assist you in every step of the process until the property in transferred to your name.

6. ENJOY: Start living in your new house


  1. Provide all the necessary paperwork to the seller or their representative.
  2. Preparing and signing a contract of sale and paying the deposit.
  3. Tax application for tax clearance of capital gain taxes.
  4. Paying all local municipality, sewage, electricity, communal expenses and gaining certifications.
  5. Transferring title deed to the new owner (both seller and buyer or their representatives must be present at the land registry office ) the remaining balance must be paid during this stage.


Our legal advisors are here to assist you with all the paperwork needed to obtain legal entity in Cyprus

  • Immigration program via investment in real estate
  • Legal Support
  • Transferring of title deeds to your name
  • After - Sales Service